Blood Donation Drive

Blood Donation Drive

Blood Donation Eligibility:

  • Healthy body
  • Body weight of 45kgs and above
  • Aged 18 to 60 years old
  • Not taking antibiotics
  • Not pregnant, not menstruating
  • You’ve had more than 5 hours of sleep
  • Did not consume alcohol (at least 24 hours prior to donating)

You are advised TO NOT DONATE BLOOD if you ARE:

  • Having sex
    • Similar sex (homosexual)
    • Both sexes (bisexual)
    • Swapping sexual partners
    • A prostitute & go to a prostitutes
    • Infected with sexually transmitted diseases
  • A drug addict & shares needles


Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm

Date: 22/3/2017

Venue: INTRA Hall

Golden Opportunity – Intra International College

Golden Opportunity - Intra International College

Are your PT3/SPM results not satisfactory?? That does not mean you cannot succeed in life… Do not despair because there are still many specialised skills that you can pick up!!

Improve your skills with Intra International College…

Registrations are on 19th March 2018 … don’t miss this chance!!

Courses offered:

  1. Electrical Technician Course
  2. Computer Systems Course
  3. Information Technologies Course
  4. Air Conditioning Technician Course
  5. Beautician Course
  6. Women’s Clothing Designing Course


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Malaysian Citizen.
  • Aged 16 & above.
  • PMR/PT3/SPM/STPM leavers (does not matter whether you graduated or failed).
  • Students who do not have the opportunity to pursue their studies … or are no longer interested to further their education in schools.
  • An allowance of RM400 a month
  • Certificates will be awarded by the Department of Skills Development (JPK).
  • Training Loan is provided through the Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK) under the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • Practical training is available
  • Outstanding job prospects upon graduation as we have strong ties many large corporations

Share this amazing opportunity with your friends & relatives … call 03 32897554 (Pn Aida/Pn Rozita)

Intra Futsal 2018

INTRA FUTSAL Futsal activities are held every Thursday on the futsal field of AZAS KUALA SELANGOR. This activity was done for INTRA male trainer. #futsalnetsoccer#PelatihBerilmu&Berkemahiran

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School Briefing – SMK Putra Perdana 2018

SCHOOL BRIEFING SMK PUTRA PERDANA 2018 July 18, 2018 at Sri Putra Block Hall, SMK Putra Perdana, INTRA together with trainees are invited to hold a Career Opportunity Course in the Field of Education in conjunction with the Education and Career Information Week 2018. This talk was organized by the School Guidance and Counseling Unit.

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