OKCupid is putting its users in peril.

OKCupid is putting its users in peril <a href="https://victoria-hearts.org/">victorian hearts</a>.

OKCupid doesn’t utilize fundamental HTTPS encryption to protect user privacy, therefore all you do on the internet site is visible by anybody who would like to spy you. Every question you have answered. Every message you’ve sent. Any profile you have visited. Internet dating sites house a number of our many individual and potentially embarrassing data. Cutting corners on protection is not just sloppy, it is unsafe.

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“Dear OKCupid: It’s your obligation to safeguard users making use of security that is standard like HTTPS encryption. Clean your work and prevent placing our privacy and security in danger.”

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Distribute the word so other’s know very well what’s taking place. If an adequate amount of us contact them, they are going to perform some thing that is right protect our security!

Thousands of people are becoming a member of online sites that are dating OKCupid. It is it safe?

Unfortuitously, at this time, the solution is not any. OKCupid does not utilize HTTPS encryption to safeguard their users’ security from the majority that is vast of on the web web site. HTTPS encryption is regarded as standard internet encryption used by all safe web sites (it’s that little lock symbol that the web browser shows whenever you’re on a safe web web page.)

Without HTTPS protection, anybody who tries a good bit that is little can easily see every question you’ve ever answered (yep, perhaps the people replied “privately”), every message you’ve ever delivered, and every profile you’ve ever visited. Making use of a straightforward hacking tool that anybody can potentially get online, some one might even just just take over your account and impersonate you, all because OKCupid is not utilizing this super fundamental kind of safety that is standard over the internet.

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