Dear Religious Right: Stop utilising the Bible as a gun of homophobia

Dear Religious Right: Stop utilising the Bible as a gun of homophobia

Jesus works in mystical means.

Or more I became told throughout my youth, whenever likely to church had been a ritual my children finished times that are several week. But also having invested years signing a lot of time sitting on those difficult, uncomfortable pews hearing interminable sermons concerning the holy males whom penned The Bible many thousands of years back, we find it hard to think they might have foreseen times such as this, a world that is post-stonewall LGBTQ folks have battled for and won most of the same legal rights as everybody else.

Did Jesus, as some holy rollers wants us to trust, actually think it required to condemn homosexuality since it had been such a risk when you look at the B.C. era? Did he get and inform it to Moses from the hill, or grow the seed in Jesus’s ear. It is maybe perhaps perhaps not like there have been couples that are same-sex gay-rights activists showing down in the roads of Nazareth.

Then again, I’ve never browse the Bible in its entirety. And I also suspect neither have actually almost all of the individuals who insist upon utilizing it to aid their homophobia. Whenever individuals have an insurance policy, however, more or less any phrase could be spun to help their cause.

Which brings us to Seyi Omooba, an actress who had been fired from a British phase production for the colors Purple after she declined to apologize for a homophobic Facebook post she had written in 2014. Now, just like the owner of the Colorado bakery whom took his refusal to produce a dessert for the homosexual wedding all of the way towards the Supreme Court, Omooba is claiming discrimination that is religious.

First, let’s think about the post that cost Omooba her gig.

She wrote, “Some Christians have completely misconceived the issue of Homosexuality, they have begun to twist the word of God in it.

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