The Ars 13: Our top indie game picks from PAX East 2020

The Ars 13: Our top indie game picks from PAX East 2020

If you just finished the remake and want to go back to where it all started, you can’t go wrong with Final Fantasy 7. There are also plenty of exciting Nintendo Switch games on the horizon for 2020, including the Borderlands and BioShock collections, Streets of Rage 4 and Crysis Remastered. Nintendo’s console has become the de-facto indie games machine, with off-kilter hits such as Untitled Goose Game, Cuphead and Ape Out standing out as some of our favorites. While Atomic Heart was originally slated for release in 2018, it is still one of the most exciting releases in the works, and a shining example of indie games doing AAA work.

best indie games in 2020

If you’re waiting for the Switch’s upcoming Animal Crossing title or just want a game that’s both relaxing and enrapturing, Stardew will scratch your itch. Astral Chain is one of the most unique and satisfying action games you can find on the Switch — or any platform, for that matter. The gorgeous new Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn’t on Switch, but you can play the original version of Square’s iconic role-playing game in all its classic glory on Nintendo’s console. This enhanced port preserves the sprawling, blocky adventures of Cloud Strife and crew, complete with its satisfying turn-based combat system and emotional storyline that’s still loved by fans today. New features include enhanced graphics, a triple speed mode and the option to turn battle encounters off, allowing you to play through this classic at your own piece.

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Explore this lush planet on the land, in the sky, or underwater using a variety of animals that you can possess. Sometimes, over the top violence and strategic gameplay come together in such a beautiful blend that you just have to smile. Shoot your way through baddies at the behest of a sentient banana as you play a beautiful gun ballet. Having grown up alongside PlayStation, Stephen has developed a wide knowledge of video games, from AAA blockbusters to the smallest indie gems. Supergiant Games never rests on its laurels, creating unique and original games with every release.

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  • Set in a Portal-esque installation, Lightmatter is a first-person combat-puzzle game in which players must avoid the shadows at all costs.
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  • But there are so many curious and intriguing indie games coming out, I wanted to highlight a few extra gems.
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  • Esteemed indie designer Jon Blow’s follow up to Braid may look like a wholly different adventure, being 3D and all.
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  • Discover our 50 most anticipated upcoming games of 2020 below, and let us know which you’re looking forward to most on Twitter.
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  • Now there’s a 26-minute gameplay demo to whet our appetites as well.
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  • Here, in alphabetical order, are 13 indie games that stood out from the PAX East crowd.

For one, the game uses a recharging energy system to ensure that only one player can be on “offense” at a time, while the other uses their own weapon just to block. For another, the energy-based weapons in the attacker’s hand disintegrate into particles when blocked, requiring the attacker to grab behind their back for a new blade. The result is Fall Guys, a blindingly bright, absurdly silly 100-player match-up of mini-games and pure chaos.

Stardew Valley is a serene farming simulator that seems so simple, you’ll wonder how you just lost three straight hours playing it. This laid-back role playing game tasks you with turning a messy field into a thriving farm, one filled with vibrant characters, gorgeous pixel art and no shortage of fun activities. And thanks to a recent multiplayer update, you can even enjoy the game with friends.

Primarily a visual novel, you’ll also take a trio of characters into various Rites, which play out like some fantastical sport. There’s simply nothing like it, and what’s more, it tells a great story with an interesting cast of characters. If you’re after something completely different, Pyre is fantastic. And if you can believe it, that’s barely scratching the surface of the frankly massive and ever-growing list of stellar games.


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The surreal tale follows Tove, a young girl who enters a dark forest in search of her family. There is a certain mythic quality that pervades the artistic direction and it looks simply wondrous. Somewhat of a darkhorse, we predict Röki will one of the best indie games of the year. These are 10 of the most exciting indie games releasing around the globe in 2020. Ironlights solves this problem with a few interesting design choices that make its two-player sword duels actually work.

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Best free PC games 2020: The free games you should play right now


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The next most popular video game of all time is New Super Mario Bros. In June 2018, PUBG reached 50 million copies sold, making it the fifth-best-selling game of all time. The hit battle royale has likely sold a considerable number of copies since then; however, with the next-best-selling game over 30 million copies ahead, it’s safe to declare PUBG remains in the fifth spot to this day. And while free mobile downloads don’t count toward sales, it’s worth noting, as of June 2018, PUBG and PUBG Mobile combined to have a staggering 400 million registered players. There’s a lot of free PC games to choose from here so to make things easier we’ve divided the list into genres with our favourite free games at the very top.

Some are free online games, others are free downloads from sites like, and there are lots of free-to-play games to lose hundreds of hours into. It says something about how special PC gaming is that one of the best platformers we’ve ever seen is still free. Spelunky is inspired by 8-bitold games, but it procedurally generates its levels so that you have something new to explore every time you play. It also has snakes, boulders, ice caves, and more bats than you can shake your shotgun at. Two teams of five choose theirDota 2 heroesfrom a selection of hundreds before taking to the battlefield to destroy their opponent’s base.

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The idea constitutes probably the 1-5% of a game designer’s job. What is really challenging – and what truly defines the job – is all the work the designer does to put the game together, from the early prototype to the final release. The lead game designer is in charge to maintain and direct the general vision of the game. Now, if you want to be a game designer, the first thing you need to know is what exactly a game designer does. Apparently, this could be very simple, but, as it frequently turns out, people dreaming about a future in games don’t really get what this means and what is expected from a game designer.

It is no mean feat, as both teams bases spawn waves of creatures and are protected by powerful towers. Each player will need to make the best of their hero’s abilities in what is not only a game, but a sport. It is one of the most played games on Steam, and draws in hundreds of thousands of players every day. Blizzard’s world-dominating card game is about as addictive as chips.

  • The biggest compliment we can give Shovel Knight is that it feels like a long-lost classic from the NES era.
  • Discoverability has become an issue for indie developers as well.
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  • Thankfully, one’s progress transfers over to the player characters’ heirs.
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  • While each entry on this list was bundled with a console at some point, Wii Sports was favorably bundled in nearly all territories immediately upon the launch of Nintendo Wii.
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  • Overcooked 2 is a fun and challenging couch co-op game that will make you truly understand the meaning of “too many cooks spoil the broth” and is well-deserving of its spot in our best indie games list.
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  • As players make their way through each of the game’s vibrant levels, a disembodied voice narrates their actions.

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But with the global video game market expected to hit $90 billion by 2016, we know there are more ten-figure fortunes on the way. Which most popular video game of all time is your favourite? Each game has a safe area which gradually decreases over time, meaning players are forced to fight, so there’s no safe place to hide as time ticks on. If you were to ask any video game fanatic out there, what the best video game of all time is; you shouldn’t be surprised if they say Super Mario Bros, as it’s regularly regarded as the best of all time. Best described as “exergaming” video games, they include several different activities to keep you occupied and fit.

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Last week, Forbes released its annual ranking of the world’s richest people, a list of 1,826 individuals who boast a net worth of a billion dollars or more. Only two people in the video game business have reached those lofty heights so far.


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